Headshot Week//Boudoir by Tracy Brown//STL

Headshot Week at Boudoir by Tracy Brown!

A headshot is an important part of your business. It’s the first contact with a potential client.   It could be the reason someone inquires, or the reason they hire someone else.   I am taking a week out of my schedule to help you get hired more often!  Headshot week starts July 31 and ends August 7! Read below for more details!


professional headshot for author/boudoir by tracy brown//stlprofessional headshot/boudoir by tracy brown//stl

3 Reasons it is NOT okay to use a DIY headshot:

  1. It will look homemade. 
  2. You will lack credibility.
  3. You may look unprofessional
This is the first contact you will have with potential clients.  You want to look approachable, friendly, open, honest, and most importantly professional.  Can one get all that out of a photo?  I am here to tell you that yes, they can!  I recently hired a financial expert for retirement planning through Edward Jones.  The very first thing I did when choosing a financial expert was to look through their headshots.  Know who I didn’t choose? That’s right, the DIY headshots.  I chose the guy who had taken the time to have a professional headshot photographed. I told him when I walked in that I chose him based on his photo.  He looked like he wouldn’t steal my money. Good reason right?

professional headshot for chiropractor/boudoir by tracy brown//stl

So, when and how do you schedule???

Regulary, headshots are $275 for a 20 minute session. These sessions include 3 retouched images.
During this special week, headshots will be $199 for a 20 minute session and you will get 4 (FOUR!) retouched images!!
Available dates will be July 31, August 3, 4, 6, and 7! Yes, I am including a SUNDAY.
To book, email me at tracy@boudoirbytracybrown.com! Or fill out the contact form on my website. It will do the same thing!

professional headshot/boudoir by tracy brown//stlprofessional headshot for Doctor or physician/boudoir by tracy brown//stl

Will I photograph a headshot session for men?

Yes! I know I only photograph women in the studio, but guys need headshots, too, don’t they?