About the Session

About the Session

When scheduling your experience, we will also schedule your pre-consult, photography session as well as the reveal.

The pre-consult is when we will plan every detail of your session; from outfit suggestions, to hair and makeup, to even talking about what type of album you will wish to purchase! I want to ensure we’re on the same page and this experience is all about YOU.  This can be done in person OR via email/on the phone!

The photography session is 1, 2, or 3 hours and I hope it will be the most fun you've had in your life! :) I provide food, beverages such as mimosas, and even a little gift so that you can continue to pamper yourself after the session!

The reveal is when you decide on your images and purchase the album. There will be snacks and drinks here as well, light music, and just an overall relaxing atmosphere. This is the moment I love the most, when women can finally see truly how beautiful and special they really are. I also provide tissues for any tears of joy that may occur ;)

When you have a session with Boudoir by Tracy Brown, I want you to remember it as an entire experience. It’s not just the product you're taking home, it’s the pampering, the love and friendship, and the confidence that lasts beyond our time together.

1 hour session fee is $149, which includes hair and makeup, session time, and 3 outfit changes.

1.5 hour session fee is $199, which includes hair and makeup, session time, and 4 outfit changes.

2 hour session fee is $249, which includes hair and makeup, session time, video(cinematography) footage, and 6 outfit changes.   

Collections start at $299, with the average client spending around $1200-2000. Video is included in some collections and discounted with others.

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